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Giving What We Can盡我們所能地付出

Thank you to the healthcare heroes

This week I want to focus on giving thanks for the wonderful people who are working so hard to keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there may seem like things are really low when our work is impacted, relationships may be strained, loved ones are kept apart, and our routines disrupted, we can get a very quick reality check on what’s important from one look at the people pulling together to protect and serve others during this time.

Health care workers, such as my older sister, are digging deep to work extra hours, deal with overcrowded hospitals and comfort the sick and scared at this time. Never mind if they may feel scared themselves, they show up everyday and go far beyond what their job actually entails because their hearts are huge, their skill sets are vast, and their strength is awe-inspiring.

While many of the rest of us can’t be on the frontlines just as health care workers can, we can let our appreciation be known and also do our part to ease the suffering of others during this time. We can try to emulate their selflessness and generosity through using the skills we do have to bring comfort to others.

So this week, I chose a song from waaayy back when I was in high school with my older sister. While I can’t be there to pat her on the back, or make her a meal after an exhausting day at the hospital, I can hope a few minutes of having a dance party in her living room can do something to keep her in good health and spirits to continue the amazing work she does.

Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors and other health care workers that are in our community and out in the world.

If you know someone who could use a smile put on their face by having a dance made for their favorite song, please contact me. If you yourself, have any special requests or need support during this time, don’t hesitate to tell me. Tomorrow I will be doing another free live stream at 10:30am Taiwan time so that no matter what the situation around the world is, we will find ways to stay connected.

Keep moving! xx, Katie







如果你知道有誰需要「將他們愛的歌編成一支舞」的鼓舞,請與我聯絡;如果是你自己在這段期間需要一些支持,想要屬於你的快樂,也不要猶豫與我聯絡。明天我也會在台灣時間 10:30,免費直播第二堂課,不論世界發生時麼事,我們會繼續找到保持連結的方法。


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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