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Give and Thanks 施與受

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! With so much happening (like Rony’s Masterclass this Sunday!) there isn’t much time to take a long break, but I still want to celebrate by reflecting on the sentiment behind the holiday.

Finding something to be thankful for this year is a piece of cake ( or turkey as my friend pointed out). Rereading my newsletter from last year I can say that the list of things I’m grateful for remains much the same . My family, friends, job, and home make me feel lucky constantly. Still, this year, like every year, feels different to me, and I challenged myself to look a little closer into why. What I came up with was an overwhelming deeper appreciation that runs through my daily life. How did that happen?

I think the answer lies in a careful dance between give and thanks.

This year, I paid closer attention to the people and things I felt a balance between giving and receiving with. I’ve been blown away with the level of generosity in help, advice, support, “I love you’s” , and acts of kindness that were directed my way, but also, of the amounts I was able to give of myself. I realized that I felt the most gratitude when I could enjoy the roles of being both giver and receiver. I got better at choosing people and projects that feed back into this give and thanks loop, thereby amplifying all of our thankfulness, happiness, and connection .

I’m especially grateful for the give and take we exchange in our classes. Your energy and attitudes bring out the best of me and help me pay it back to my students and onwards to other areas of my life!

Wishing you a day of happy giving and receiving!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


幾個禮拜前我和大家分享我下高雄拍攝 Zumba 全球教學影片的經驗。雖然整個過程真是一個

感恩節快樂!最近真的是滿滿的活動 (像是這周日Rony大師課的公益派對 ) ,沒有太多的時間休息或放假,但是我仍然想要應景地感性一下來慶祝感恩節。







愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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