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Full Moon, Full Heart, Full Tummy

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Happy Moon Festival !

Happy Moon Festival! For so many of us living in Asia this is one of our favorite holidays. We celebrate the fullness of the moon symbolizing the completeness we feel when united with the people we care about. We show gratitude through gift giving and an appreciation for what we have by feasting with barbecues and moon cakes. A holiday to fill our hearts and our stomachs!

To celebrate, we danced to one of my favorite moon related songs, “Moondance” in Fit + Flaunt Class this week. Check out how much fun we had dancing to it here!

Due to the holiday myself and Anna will be taking the long weekend off! All classes will

be canceled Thursday until Sunday. While I’ll be back at WAO on Monday and Tuesday nights, TDC will only resume the following Thursday and we’ll be taking next week off from the newsletter as well. Check out the schedule here.

If you miss me and are keen to get moving, remember you can take the free online class every day at any time you want! Dancing along together is a great way to bond with your family in between all that barbecuing!

Happy Moon Festival to you all!

Keep moving!



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