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Free to feel!

Another chance to practice!

Anyone else having a sense of deja vu lately? With the renewed concerns about the pandemic almost a year after our 2021 semi-lockdown in Taiwan, it’s hard to not feel disheartened and exhausted with uncertainty once again.

To leave the house or not? To switch to online classes or join in-person? To be hopeful things will go back to “normal “ soon or prepare for several months of major disruptions in life?

All the thinking and questioning can sure leave us with a lot of mixed feelings!

To get real— frustration, fear, and anxiety ate up a lot of my mental space last year— something I tried my best to distract myself from, fight, or which I just felt ashamed for even feeling. Surprise surprise, that only made me feel a whole lot worse!

The pandemic has taught me many lessons so far, but one of the biggest is that judging myself for or bottling up all the “bad stuff” is really no good at all. Discomfort and tough emotions can reveal themselves as opportunities to learn about what I value or what I want to bring more of to my life when I just sit with the difficult emotions instead of rushing through or reacting too quickly. When I take the time to listen to how I really feel, I’m more apt to choose patience and compassion towards myself in the face of anxiety and stress instead of the desire to control myself or uncontrollable situations in the world.

So this time around is just another chance to practice, rather than expect perfection from myself! 💪💪

Whatever you feel today, feel free to feel it! We’re here to give you the space to express, take care of your health and provide a supportive community!

Keep moving!



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