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Fall News秋天訊息

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Keep up to date with events and other news!

It’s time for a fall catch-up! There are tons of things coming up on the calendar, so I want to keep you in the loop for some great events and other changes to the schedule in the following few weeks!

First, a really exciting event for Zumba instructors is happening this Saturday when the Zumba Home Office is coming to Taiwan to film the Zumba Instructor Network Volume 84. This will be the first time the ZIN Volume is ever filmed in Taiwan and stands as a great representation of how much the Zumba community has grown throughout the island. In order to attend the filming along with hundreds of other instructors, I’ll be cancelling class this Saturday to head to Kaoshiung. I’m super excited to be able to a part of the live class that will be distributed to tens of thousands of instructors worldwide and is a chance to put our small island on a big world stage!

Next, I’m going to head to Chiayi on November 2 along with Banai Lai for our first BK tour Zumba party in that city. The event will be Halloween themed so if you or any friends living in Chiayi are able to come out, join us that day for a two hour Zumba party from 4pm-6pm! For tickets and more information, click here.

Additionally, please note that in November, I’ll be away from the 6th-14th. I’m heading back to the US for a much needed visit with my wonderful family and all classes will be cancelled during this time. Who knows, maybe another Carroll family Zumba video will pop up on my Youtube channel afterwards.

Finally, on December 2, ZJ Rony will be returning to Taipei for another Masterclass. Last year we had a blast getting down to his awesome choreography and I can’t wait to see what new routines he has in store for us. If you weren’t there last year, please join us for a really incredible Zumba party that you won’t forget!

With so much happening make sure you keep up to date by checking out our monthly calendar, your weekly newsletter and our @LINE app messages for more news. Thanks as always for keeping in touch and moving together!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



首先,有一個很令人興奮的Zumba 活動即將在本周六展開,Zumba 總公司來台灣錄製第84集的 Zumba 指導員影片。這將會是第一次 ZIN來台錄製影片,也證明的 Zumba 在台灣這個寶島的擴及度。為了要前往高雄和上百個Zumba指導員一起參加這次的錄影,所以這周六停課一次。我好期待能成為這個教學影片的一部份,讓全世界上萬名的Zumba老師們都看到,也讓我們著個小島登上世界的舞台。

接下來我會在 11 月 2 日前往嘉義,和 Banai 老師一起在嘉義展開我們的 BK 巡迴,這個活動是萬聖節主題,所以如果你或是任何住在嘉義的朋友,歡迎你們加入我們,兩個小時的Zumba 派對!購票或是更多資訊

此外,請注意本月的 6 日至 14 日我會回美國去探望我親愛的家人們,所以這期間所有的課程都停課。誰曉得,也許又有另一個 Carroll 家族的 Zumba 影片出現在我的Youtube 頻道。

最後 12月 2日 ZJ Rony 會回到台北開大師課。去年我們跳得超級盡興,今年我也等不及跳他為我們準備的新編舞啦!如果你去年沒參加,千萬不要錯過這個難能可貴的 Zumba 派對!

這個「多事之秋」記得常看我們每月的課表、每周的電子報、或是 Line 的訊息唷!謝謝你總是保持聯絡,並和我們一起舞動。


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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