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Need a Confidence Boost

… then put on your dancing shoes!

Why am I so passionate about sharing my love for dance fitness with you? Why do I continue to write to you week after week? Why am I STILL trying to convince you to come to class or dance with me at home??

Simple, I know how dance fitness changed me -- from a timid follower to a more confident woman leading her own life. And way more important than wanting to be the best dancer out there, my mission is to help bring the transformative power of dance to you!

Listen, I'm no unshakable Superwoman or anything. But the confidence that has blossomed as a result of my love affair with dance has helped open up a world of experiences I wouldn't have dared to explore before. It's a whole lot less of "I can't” or “could never do X" and more of "If X is important to me, how will I make it happen?"

But how can throwing on spandex and sweating along to Pitbull actually change how you feel about yourself? How can joining a Zumba class grow your confidence so that it spills out into other areas of your life? 

4 Ways Zumba Helps Grow Your Confidence On AND Off the dance floor

  1. You show up even when it's HARD. The weather outside is crappy. You're too tired/ busy/ lazy/ stressed-- but you showed up for yourself anyway! Pushing through difficulties builds resiliency and expands your comfort zone so that you actually DO become more capable!

  2. You move through mistakes. You went the wrong direction in Zumba class. Guess what? No one cares or even noticed but you! Mistakes pave the road to learning, growth and improvement. What would have had you throwing in the towel in embarrassment before, now seems like no big deal!

  3. You start with small steps and celebrate them. You got through the warmup. You learned basic merengue moves and now you are ready to challenge yourself with salsa variations. You can see how starting small makes you feel accomplished and puts your goals within reach. Every clap and shout in class is a celebration of your wins!

  4. You kick comparison and embrace your own style. From the diversity of musical rhythms to the uniqueness of each instructor and student, individual expression is what makes Zumba so addictive. Zumba class is an inclusive space for you to let go of perfection, get lost in fun and find value in more than just how your body looks on the outside.

Has joining a dance fitness class made an impact on your confidence? What has getting down on the dance floor helped you to tackle in your own life? As always, drop me a comment because I love to hear from you!

Keep moving!



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