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Your BEST Lunar New Year Yet

My Lunar New Year Survival Guide

We’re in the final stretch before the Lunar New Year! Are you ready for the luck, prosperity, and good health that awaits you in the Year of the Dragon? 

Well, first things first— we have to make it through the break !! 

It takes ENERGY to be able to navigate the gatherings, the meals, the unsolicited advice from your relatives and more during the holidays. Or if you are like me without many obligations during the break, it can also take ENERGY to figure out the right combination of rest versus activity so that I don’t spend 7 days becoming one with my sofa and feeling all worse for it. 

This week just a wee bit of planning ( don’t worry no massive commitments to add to your plate!) can go a long way! 

Check out my wellness tips for a Lunar New Year holiday that will leave you MORE energized than when it began! 

  1. Find a movement buddy. Whether it’s a family member, a friend or even your kid— make a play date to move! Walks in nature, bike rides by the riverside , or even strolling around the shopping mall all are easy ways to get moving.  Hey, even tidying up the house can be a lot more fun when you throw on good music and dance while you sweep! 

  2. Find your anthem. The kids are screaming, Netflix is asking if you seriously are still bingeing, or your nosy aunt wants to know if you’ve gained weight.  Choose a tune that can turn around your mood and inject some feel-good energy. Steal a moment away from others, throw on the headphones and take deep breaths! My favorite songs at the moment that are giving me ‘I got this!’ attitude are “I’m All I Need” from “All About Love” On-Demand Class, “Go Off” from “Lazy Day Reset” On- Demand Class and “Venus” by Bananarama from In-person class! 

  3. Find your fuel. There will be no shortage of snacks, sweets, and alcoholic drinks on the celebration tables. Instead of trying to deprive yourself, focus on making sure you also get in plenty of nutritious vegetables, fruits and of course water to stay hydrated. You’ll feel more energized, boost your immunity and still be able to eat your favorite holiday foods in moderation. 

  4. Find meaning. Lunar New Year holiday holds value to people for different reasons.   Maybe for you it means a celebration of your culture, the connection you feel when surrounded by your loved ones, coming together in the kitchen, a chance to start anew, or time to set aside work for a while. Consider what YOU find valuable about the holiday and remind yourself to honor what matters to you with your attention and presence to feel satisfied on a deeper level come the end of the vacation. 

Seem doable? With a week to go before most of us log off for the holiday, taking a little time to plan to incorporate these small tips into your days can have big payoffs when it comes to how energetic you’ll feel. 

And of course for those who want to keep moving with me during Lunar New Year, you know I’ve got you! In addition to my regular monthly Unlimited  On-Demand Zumba Package, I’ve created a Lunar Light Up 7 day pass which gives you access to 7 one hour classes and 5 20-30 minute classes you can do anytime, anywhere during the break! Together we’ll dance into the Year of the Dragon with energy, confidence and strength! 

Keep moving!



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