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Easing In to In-person Class

Tips for Reducing Anxiety about Coming Back to Class

We’re about to be back, baby! After over 5 long months, I’m so happy to announce we’re adding in-person classes back into our schedule for November! Dancing, sweating, and smiling ( under masks) together again is something I’ve been looking forward to for so, so long!

With the Covid situation becoming less critical in Taiwan, but concerning nonetheless, I know many students may be experiencing a mix of excitement and nerves for returning to in-person classes.

We want to do our best to help make this transition smooth, thoughtful, and less anxious for those of you who want to join us on Thursdays 12:30pm at TDC and Saturdays 11am at Flying Dance. And so I’ve put together some tips to help put your mind at more ease!

  1. Be prepared! : Bring extra water, a towel, and extra masks for once you start to sweat in class!

  2. Be early! : Allow more time before class to follow Covid-19 guidelines like temperature checks, sanitizing your hands, and choosing your socially-distanced spot to dance. Class size will be limited according to the regulations of 1.5 meters between participants.

  3. Be patient! Don’t push too hard during your first class back. You may need to take more breaks during class— speak kindly to yourself— it takes time to build endurance back!

  4. After class care! Help your body adjust to working out again with extra gentle stretching, foam rolling, or heat or ice after class if necessary.

  5. Bring a buddy! Having a trusted friend join you in class can help make coming back to class feel more comfortable and less daunting. We are a community and are here to support each other during this time!

I hope that by keeping these tips in mind you will feel comfortable to join us in person again. However, for those living far away or not ready to join in-person classes, we will continue to offer livestream classes for you on Tuesdays 12:30, Thursday 19:30pm and Saturday 14:30, as well as prerecorded classes everyday Monday-Saturday. Sign up opens at 18:00 on Oct 30th!

There are so many different ways you can keep moving according to what makes you feel most comfortable! We respect your choices and will always support you in moving towards your health, fitness, and happiness goals! So, why not share these tips with a friend and come and keep dancing along with us in November!

We’ll be waiting for you on the dance floor!

Keep moving!



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