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Dancing Through Uncertainty 用舞蹈渡過浮動時期

Keeping in touch when we can’t touch

For the past month, I have been hoping each week that I’ll have something other than the Coronavirus to write about in my newsletter. At first, it seemed like something we were only dealing with in Asia, but now, there’s no denying the entire world is feeling the effects of having our daily routines disrupted, travel limited, and the pain of being separated from people we love.

I have felt so incredibly lucky to be in Taiwan during this time. I’m impressed by the willingness of people to help one another and be considerate of one another’s health and safety. Still, it’s difficult. With constant news updates it’s often hard to know who is taking matters too leniently or too seriously, and it seems everyone has an opinion and reacts strongly to the opinions of others. How easy it is to become paralyzed by fear, irritation or apathy when there is a nonstop stream of collective stress.

I want to try to focus on what my part can be to continue to take care of my own wellbeing and to contribute in a positive way to a tough situation. I want to let you know I understand just how important things like dance, fitness, and community are to keeping one’s spirits high. I’m here, ready to connect. I need it too.

As long as we are permitted to teach in Taiwan following the guidelines set out for my own and my students’ safety, and so long as there is interest in attending classes, I’ll try my best to hold classes. For those of you who wish to stay home or are around the world in places currently locked down, I want to stay connected to you and bring any bit of joy, dance, or relief I can. I’m looking into being able to live stream classes so that we could still have class together while you are home ( stay tuned!).

In the meantime, whether you are stuck at home or not, I’ll be trying to film my weekly videos to songs you request. If working out at home is something you struggle with, being motivated by your favorite songs might just get you moving and at least bring a smile to your face.

The song in the video I’m posting today was a request from someone I’ve never met who is from Israel. I want to thank her for reaching out with her suggestion, and encourage you to send your own requests by replying to this message, contacting me through social media or emailing me at .

Sending lots of love, positivity, and home dance party vibes to you!

Keep moving! xx, Katie






我今天 po 的這支舞蹈影片是來自以色列的點播,雖然我不認識她,但是我想要謝謝她主動和我聯繫,告訴我她很喜歡這首歌。所以在這裡鼓勵大家可以點播你喜歡的歌曲,不論是在下方留言或是回信至



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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