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Dancing in the Rain

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Letting summer storms pass

Typhoons, hurricanes and afternoon thunderstorms are all on our radar as of late. The extra humidity in the air has many students (myself included ) dragging just a bit more than usual. When you break a sweat just putting on your exercise shoes, you know a full Zumba class is going to leave you soaked and exhausted!

When a storm is brewing, a mix of anticipation and electricity fills the air, and we can usually feel it in our bones. As terrifying as they can be, these displays of Mother Nature’s power can be awe-inspiring and humbling. When metaphorical “storms” are headed our way, we similarly might experience a combination of dread, fear, excitement and powerlessness in the face of impending doom and thunder booms. While we can try our best to prepare to ride out tough weather and times, sometimes all we can do is wait, trust the difficulties will pass and look for opportunities to have fun stomping in puddles.

This summer when a storm hits why not remember how you’ve made it through your own trying times! All storms pass. Weather changes. Seasons move in cycles, and the sun follows rainy skies. No matter what, hope you take some time to dance in the rainiest of days !

Don’t forget, ZES Banai and I will be headed to Taichung on the last Sunday of the month for a 2 hour Zumba party. The dress code is green so think tropical rainforests and lush, wet grass! Hope to see you there!

Keep dry and stay safe!



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