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Dancing in Style!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

So many beautiful bodies in our community!

It feels like Christmas has come early for me this year—the KATIE Moves Taipei T-shirts have arrived and are ready for pick up and delivery!

Last weekend, Anna and I had a ball sorting through your shirts, tying and tagging them with great care. As we spread the shirts out by size, I found myself getting choked up. Suddenly the shirts didn’t seem just like fabric with my logo on them , instead, I could envision all the beautiful bodies that would be dancing while wearing them.

The wide range of shirt sizes reminded me of all the various ages, body types and backgrounds of the people in our community. From grandparents to business executives, public figures to stay at home moms , college students to retired folks, everyone is welcomed, included, and connected through love for dance.

Thank you again to all those who pre-ordered shirts and to all of you who make up this movement of love, kindness, self- confidence and dance!

Didn’t remember to order your KATIE Moves Taipei T-shirt the first time around, want another color or to grab some shirts for a friend? Fill out the form here by November 28th to get your T-shirts in time for the holiday season!

Keep moving!



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