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Cut Out Comparisons

…and get ready for

something big coming!

Lunar New Year is coming up , yay! There will be many opportunities to see loved ones, catch up with friends and share what has happened over the past year with others. Sounds like fun!

And well, at the same, all that social time can easily cause us to harshly evaluate who we are and where we are in our lives versus others or even against our own expectations of ourselves.

Comparison is the thief of joy” is a famous quote of Theodore Roosevelt’s with many reiterations existing which all pretty much say the same thing : when we compare ourselves, what we have or what we do to that of others, there’s really no faster way to negativity.

“She’s taller/ prettier/ skinnier/ younger / has it easier than me / is richer/ has a partner who is more x/ is better at x”. “My child is slower/ did worse on the test / should be better at x than others.”

Whether we think we are coming out ahead or behind, comparison can give us a false sense that we are better or worse off than others, when actually we all are just different from one another in many ways.

Comparison distracts us with what is NOT there, drawing our focus away from what already exists. We miss appreciating and finding joy in ourselves, our loved ones, what we have, and what we do.

It’s often said what you focus on grows. Can you shift your gaze to viewing who you are and what you have with joy and gratitude today? Can you cultivate the confidence that comes from not needing to be the best or fearing you are the worst, but in simply embracing who you are?

Find reminders like these helpful and want more to get you through the holidays?

We want to help build you up and keep you glowing during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday! And so, I have something special in store for you!

Anna and I have been working very hard on putting together a program to keep you moving heart, mind, and body for Lunar New Year! Stay tuned for our big announcement and registration details coming next week !



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