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Check your Class Mindset!

Before you are ready to rock, do this!

Exercise clothes ✅

Supportive shoes ✅

Water bottle ✅

When it’s time to get ready for class, we know what gear we gotta grab. But what about preparing our minds to get the most out of our time dancing together?

With the great number of classes I have taken and taught over the years, I can see a direct correlation between the mindset I go into class with and how successful I find the workout. On a day I’m judging myself harshly, it’s a real challenge to not let my inner critic overshadow that compassionate self coach.

By spending just a few minutes before class reflecting on what we want to achieve and where to bring our focus, we are more likely to find MEANING in our movement. Connecting to our purpose makes it far more likely that we can stick to our workout routine and create a habit that is in line with our goals— a habit established enough to withstand dips in motivation and various excuses to stay on the sofa!

Beware of these pitfalls that might be holding back your class experience!

  • You expect perfection. New songs, new rhythms, new fitness challenges require PATIENCE.

  • You’re picking apart how you think you LOOK in the mirror rather than on focusing on how you FEEL.

  • You’re dancing AGAINST others rather than WITH others— it’s not a competition or performance! Class is more fun when we appreciate each other’s unique style!

No matter how many classes I’ve got under my belt, I benefit from these reminders constantly. It’s an imperfect PRACTICE and PROCESS cultivating a mindset that aligns with your values and your goals.

Next time you are getting ready for class, come back to this newsletter and give it another glance. See what kind of difference warming up your mind can have on how your body and heart feel as you dance!



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