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Chances to Dance 許多共舞的機會

So many options to dance no matter where you are!

This week there are even more chances for us to dance together no matter where you are!

As I mentioned in my newsletter, I launched my Zin Studio prerecorded classes last Wednesday, and today I’ve made the 2nd virtual class available for you! The songs in the 2nd virtual Zumba class are some of my absolute favorites from all my years of teaching! You’ll notice I put the titles on slides before each song so that you can also get familiar with the routines you like the most and even go back and dance to the same songs again and again during the five hours the link is up! This same class will be available this Saturday and next Monday , 9am & 5pm.

Recording videos alone in my apartment is definitely nothing like sharing a dance floor with you and our whole Zumba family. For songs like “Pura Salsa” I miss hearing the two sides of our class shout against each other in our dance battle! Still, from my facial expressions as I look at the camera , I hope you can see how much joy I get out of knowing we can still dance together in spite of distance and circumstances!

Additionally, for those of you who are craving a more live class experience, this Friday night at 8pm there’s also a chance to dance from your home with me and Teacher Fun Fun! We’ll be live-streaming our team taught class and would love to have you join us!

To register for the class, you’ll need to first pay by bank transfer in Taiwan ( 帳戶:賴姮蓉 台新銀行:812 帳號: 005-10-132-581-000 ) or by PayPal : . The cost will be 150nt or 5$ USD. After you have made your payment please email the screenshot of your payment to「 」and the link to the livestream will be sent out two hours in advance of the class.

With so many chances to dance this week, I hope that you can find an online class that fits your schedule! If you haven’t given one of my Zin Studio classes a try yet, please do so and give me your feedback. I’d also love to see photos or videos of you dancing from your homes along with me!

As I mentioned before, all classes are on a “pay what you want/can” basis. If you’d like to support the time and effort I’ve put into preparing the classes for you, I’d appreciate contributions, and I’m deeply grateful to those of you who have done so already. You are also very welcome to share the class with anyone you know who might need some dance and happiness in their life right now!

No matter where you are, sending love , wishes for good health , and strength to you all!

Keep moving!





上周三的電子報中,提到 Zin Studio 預錄的線上課程開課了!而今天,我為你們準備第二堂的預錄線上課。這堂課中,我放入許多從教學到現在我最喜歡的歌曲!你會發現我在每首歌的開始都放了歌名,如此讓你可多練習你最喜歡的曲子,甚至可以在這每次 5 小時的觀看期間內,回去重複練那首歌!這堂預錄線上課開課時間:周六與下周一的上午 9 點與下午 5 點開課(每時段皆有 5 小時的觀看時間)。

在我的公寓中獨自的錄製課程,絕對和你們------我們整個 Zumba 大家庭------面對面跳舞完全不一樣。尤其像是在跳 “Pura Salsa” 這首歌時,我想念大家尬舞、兩隊對喊的聲音!仍然,透過我的表情與看鏡頭的眼神,希望你能看到,在現今的情況下,知道我能繼續和你一起跳帶給我多少的喜悅!

此外,如果你渴望更多的線上直播課程,這周五晚上 8 點,你有機會在家和我與方方老師一起跳舞唷!我們會一同主持我們的線上直播課程,歡迎大家來共襄盛舉~

要報名這堂我和方方老師合體的直播課,台灣的同學請先轉帳到「帳戶:賴姮蓉,台新銀行(812),帳號:005-10-132-581-000」 或付款至 Paypal: . 課程費用是台幣 150 元或是美金 5 元。付款後請將付款之螢幕截圖 email 至:「 」,課程連結將會於上課前兩小時寄到你的信箱。

這周有這麼多可以跳舞的機會,希望你有機會能在你的時間表中安插一堂我的線上課程!如過你還沒有試過 我在 Zin Studio 的線上課 ,誠摯地邀請你試試看並給我一些回饋。我也想看看你在家和我一起跳舞的影片或照片!

如同我之前提到的,Zin Studio 的課程都是「選擇妳能支付的金額」。若你想要支持我在準備線上課程,所付出的時間與努力,我會很感激你的貢獻;同時,深深地感謝已經捐款支持的你們;也歡迎你分享給更多現在需要一些舞蹈與歡樂的人!





( Anna Liang 譯 )

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