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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Listening to the whispers

This week my body has been talking loud enough for me to hear. I had started to pick up on whispers of discomfort in my knee that were growing in volume. This kind of body talk is not completely unsurprising or out of the ordinary with the amount of jumping around I do. There are often signs that my body is telling me to rest more, take more days off, or encorporate more stretching and calming routines to balance out my high activity level. Sometimes a whisper is enough to get me to pay attention, other times I need more of a shout to follow my body’s orders.

With the fast pace of life, it often takes something so disrupting, so unignorable, so loud to really grab our attention. Distracted by the noise of the world, others and ourselves, we don’t stop until things come to a crashing halt. I’m slowly learning to become a better listener and to get in better touch with what not only my body wants and needs, but also what my heart and head do as well. As I write this on a self-imposed rest day, I feel my body thanking me for listening and feel so much better physically already!

In the spirit of taking it easy, I’ve got a slower YouTube video for you this week. Wishing you moments of balanced rest and joyful activity this week!

Keep moving!



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