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Body Neutrality Affirmations for Summer

Don’t Feel Good In Your Skin?  Try THIS!

zumba with Katie Taipei

“I LOVE when my underarms jiggle and how my thighs stick  together during the humid summer!”  never have I ever said. 🙃

When the summer heat rolls in, many of us find ourselves more aware of our bodies, having been hidden beneath layers of clothing all winter long and now coming out of hibernation. I might imagine I'll emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis each year , but the reality falls somewhat short.

All month we have been talking about confidence ... but what about when we truly don't feel that great in our skin? Are we supposed to just tell ourselves we feel and look amazing until it magically becomes true? 🤔

In recent years, there has been a movement away from body positivity ( I love my body— it is perfect and beautiful just the way it is.") to body neutrality. Instead of pressuring ourselves to love every single thing about our bodies (which can be unrealistic and frankly, exhausting!), body neutrality is about accepting that we will have ever-changing positive AND negative feelings about our bodies, but above all prioritizing respect for all our bodies do. They carry us through life, help us move and dance (which is what I'm all about here!), and deserve our appreciation.

Here's the thing: summer can be a time when negative self-talk creeps in. But this year, let's be mindful of the messages we give ourselves.

Here are 5 body neutral affirmations you can use to rock this summer:

🥰"My body is strong and capable." (Focus on what your body allows you to achieve!)

🥰"I am grateful for my body's ability to do X." (Shift the focus to appreciating how your body functions!)

🥰"I will treat my body with kindness and respect." (Self-care is key!)

🥰"I am worthy of feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin." (Believe in your right to feel good!)

🥰"I will focus on how I feel, not just how I look." (Move the emphasis from appearance to overall well-being!)

Body positivity and body neutrality both have their merits- it’s all about finding what works best for you!   Be kind to yourself, celebrate your body's strengths, and let's get ready to own this summer with confidence!   ☀️

Keep moving!



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