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As Summer Slips Away…

Soak up some contentment!

How do you feel about summer winding down?

This week while talking to friends I heard such varied responses about the upcoming end of the season. “Summer slipped away so fast!” “ I can’t wait to stop swimming in my own sweat.” “Ugh, I’m so not ready to get back to a serious fall routine. “ “ Hooray for the kids going back to school!”

The end of summer stirs up a lot of memories for me. I can so vividly recall the sadness as carefree summer pool days waned and the feeling of dread at putting back on my school uniform for a new year to begin. Every late August day felt too short and bittersweet as I equated the coming of September with the loss of freedom and fun.

These days there’s no school bus for me to board or uniform to put on as fall approaches. A super hot, sweaty season like the one we’ve had in so much of the world further makes it less painful to say goodbye to summer. And still, I find myself slightly sad to see the days of August slip away.

Whether you’re one of the people who can’t wait for the summer heat to go or you’re like me trying to soak up what’s left of summer, perhaps the biggest challenge is to neither wish for the speeding up of time or to try to hold on too tightly. But rather to simply notice and feel what the present moment is giving us — a bead of sweat down the face, a sticky melted ice cream on the hand, a gorgeous sunset.

The moments , the days, the seasons will keep on moving , can I be content with now?

Wishing you a week filled with content moments and sweaty dance fun!



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