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A Place for Space

Something you need to hear today!

You’re allowed to take up space.

Read that again.

How much of our lives have we spent trying to be as small as possible?

  • Glorifying a smaller number on the scale over healthier habits.

  • Shrinking our shoulders and crossing our legs to stay out of the way of others.

  • Keeping our voices down so as not to disturb. Become smaller, smaller, and smaller and receive compliments and praise.

  • Become smaller and keep others more comfortable. Become smaller and maybe finally feel good enough.

If we solely focus on being less — less heavy, less noisy, less anything, how long until we feel we’ve lost or made invisible the parts that even make us uniquely us?

If you’ve been to one of my classes, you know this is the place to take up space! You don’t need permission, but you are given the invitation to move your body in as BIG of a way as you want. To laugh, clap, and holler with unbridled joy. To move, shine, and strut with the confidence of a diva. To sweat, grunt, and push with all of your strength.

Today, in whatever you do, can you feel and appreciate every inch of the space you take up? In class, can you stretch and feel the beat of the music from your finger tips to your toes? Can you stand tall, head held high as you leave class? Can you find something other than how large or small someone is to compliment or comment on today?

As always, we’re holding a space for you in our classes— so come and

take up yours! Have a friend or loved one you think would benefit from dancing big, wild, and free? Why not invite them along, share this newsletter, or gift them with a class online or in-person?

No matter big or small, short or tall, no one can replace you!

Keep moving



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