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5 Things You’ve Got to Do after Moon Festival!

Helping you make the most of your week after the holiday!

Happy Moon Festival! I hope you had a fantastic weekend filled with fun, friends and family, and food!

Getting back to reality today it can be a challenge to clear some of the vacation fog from our minds and feel as though we can make a short week—starting on Wednesday— really count! It can be tempting to waste time beating ourselves up over holiday indulgences or groaning about how far off our next vacation feels, only to find that it’s the weekend again and we’re even further away from our goals.

How can we keep some of that holiday glow while also making the most out of this week?

  • Put on your “vacation eyes” - Remember that feeling you had during the long weekend where you looked with wonder or appreciation at new surroundings? A day of no work felt like a day full of possibilities? Try to turn on those “vacation eyes” in your usual environment. Take a moment to notice small moments of beauty that already exist in your everyday life! Look for a chance to explore new things like taking a different route on your commute or ordering a different tea. “Vacation eyes” can help you see every day this week as an opportunity for fresh energy and fun!

  • Show gratitude! Say thank you to someone who brought joy, a good conversation, a delicious meal, or great company to you during the holiday. Something as simple as a text of appreciation can brighten someone’s day, help us to highlight good memories from the weekend , and add extra moments of happiness to our day too!

  • Nourish yourself! The first thing I heard upon starting up classes this week was, “OMG, I ate SO MUCH this weekend!” Yes we might be feeling sluggish and bloated after high salt, high meat, high sugar, high booze or high caloric intake holidays, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely deprive ourselves in order to get back on track. Instead of thinking of what we need to take out of our diets after the weekend, think about what you want to put into your diet to truly nourish yourself. More water, fresh vegetables, and naturally sweet fruits can easily be added to your meals to help lift your energy and mood after the holiday!

  • Move! Remember we don’t need to exercise to punish ourselves for a lack of physical activity or whatever we consumed over the holiday weekend. Working out is a way to show ourselves and our bodies the gift of time , attention, and respect. And when we choose an exercise like dance fitness, it becomes even easier to see our movement as a party, a celebration of being alive, and an hour of vacation from stress even on a work day!

  • Sleep! Late nights under the full moon, fantastic conversations with friends for hours on end, and lazy late mornings in bed are all typical for a Moon Festival weekend! Give your sleep schedule a little extra attention this week to return your routines to normal or even go to bed a bit earlier to make up for lost rest. When we are well rested, returning to work or regular life can feel less overwhelming!

What other things do you do to recover from a holiday weekend? What’s the hardest part of getting back to work or life after a vacation in your opinion? Share this with someone who needs a bit of inspiration in order to make the most out of their week ! 🥰🥰

Keep on moving!



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