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4 Tips For Drinking Up as Temperatures Go Down

Stay hydrated all year round!

The temperature in Taiwan has finally begun cooling down just a bit, and we’ve got one really rain-filled week to accompany it. With so much rain in the forecast, I’ve got hydration on my mind!

When we think of drinking enough water, our thoughts usually go to sweltering hot days and sweaty, summer workouts. After all, these are the times we tend to crave a refreshing glass of water most. But our body and minds need proper hydration all year long ( and especially so for those in cold climates using indoor heating which dries us out more!).

Tips for staying hydrated this autumn and winter:

  1. Bring your bottle! Keep a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day. Insulated bottles can keep your water at your desired temperature and make it more appealing to drink more often!

  2. Eat your water! Add extra winter fruits and vegetables to your plate such as oranges, apples, spinach, broccoli and squashes.

  3. Hot water with a kick! A soothing way to warm up is with a hot mug of water with added lemon, honey, or ginger slices!

  4. Slurp down some soup! Soup helps us hit our liquid goals for the day and also contains sodium— a vital electrolyte and mineral we need to replenish after we sweat and exercise.

Why do we need to keep hydrated?

The list of reasons to drink enough water is long and includes:

  • Regulating body temperature

  • Delivering nutrients to cells

  • Removing waste and toxins

  • Keeping joints lubricated

  • Keeping organs functioning properly

  • Improving sleep quality and mood.

  • Regulating appetite and suppressing overeating

  • Improving brain functioning

… and more!

With so many reasons to keep hydrated and our cool weather water tips , there’s no excuse to not get gulping! Low temperatures may be coming, but we’ll keep our energy high and stay moving with you all year round!

Keep moving!



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