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4 Reasons to Move with our Crew!

Round up the year together with these holiday events!

It’s that time of year when we start celebrating more often with friends and family— big year end events, holiday feasts, company Christmas parties and more! No doubt as social beings, it feels incredibly nice to be included and like a part of a group. However, when we have to balance out some time for ourselves or feel like our holiday social habits are impeding on our overall well-being it can be hard to juggle our holiday festivities.

That’s where this community comes in! It IS possible to keep working on your health and fitness when you have a group of others ( even virtually) by your side!

Working out with others can look like :

  • Shared goals + shared wins: “ Hey, Anna, let’s work to make it to 4 Zumba classes together this month.” “We did it! Let’s celebrate with a movie night!”

  • Increased motivation : “ Anna, the weather is so crappy, I don’t want to workout, but I really want to see you. I’ll try my best to make it!”

  • A sense of belonging + community : “ I feel super stressed from worrying about my kids and my job. I’m SO glad I take this time away for myself. I feel like you guys really get it.”

  • More fun: “ Class flew by so fast today! What’s your favorite song from today?! Can’t wait to see you next time !”

These are all based off of REAL conversations I’ve over heard and even had with students and friends in the past few weeks.So, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, know that whether you want to come to class by yourself or bring a friend, or just dance in your living room with your grandkids— you are welcomed into our community!

With such a great fun fitness family here, we deserve to celebrate ourselves and our hard work in 2022. We’ve got THREE Christmas parties coming up for you!

🎄 12/22(Thu) 12:30 pm @ TDC studio ( map )

Christmas Zumba Party Class ( 350nt )

🎄 12/23(Fri) @ WAO studio ( map )

7:00-8:00 pm Yoga + Red Wine ( 500nt )

8:20-9:40 pm Dance Party + Red Wine ( 700nt )

Both events for 1000nt

🎄 12/24(Sat) 11:00 am @ Flying Dance studio (map)

Christmas Zumba Party Class ( 350nt )

Mix up your usual holiday festivities by inviting along your friends, dressing up in red + green , and gifting yourselves a bit of fitness and fun! No present of any price tag is more valuable and important than your health and time with loved ones! See you there!

Keep moving!



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