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This is How I Weatherproof My Wellness!

Fight that weather whiplash!

Every March it’s the same. The first warm day arrives, I throw on a tank top and sunglasses, motivation sky high, ready to be super committed to a total wellness overhaul. Cue rainy, cool, sweater weather days that keep popping up, and I’m pushing off my plans in lieu of nights of Netflix binges. 

The temperature whiplash seems to push a start/ stop button on my resolve. Stay in or go out? Shop at the produce market or Uber eats? Workout or take a nap? If the weather can’t make up its mind, it’s likely I’m catching decision fatigue as a result! 

A dance fitness instructor who isn’t always motivated herself? Yep, that’s me! So, how do I seemingly still fit wellness activities in - rain or shine? By weatherproofing my wellness plan! 

Ways I Weatherproof My Wellness 

  • Make it a date! As an instructor, sometimes I can only drag myself to class knowing I’ll see my students’ faces and won’t be letting them down. I stick to my own workouts when I know I have a friend who wants to join. My mom says she loves seeing me during my On-Demand Zumba classes. Making your movement social keeps you more committed to showing up week after week even when the weather agrees or doesn’t.

  • Meal prep! Changing weather impacts my appetite big time. Once a week I chop up tons of veggies and split them between a large soup on the stove and a huge salad. Whatever the temperature is outside , I have a quick way to get in yummy nourishment and hit the spot ! 

  • Stay flexible! A torrential downpour makes it unappealing to walk to the gym, or maybe the perfect spring day has you wanting to blow off indoor Zumba class to go outside. Keep a mental list of the kind of wellness activities that you enjoy and adjust as needed. Completing a ten minute stretch routine in front of the TV or a walking outside will do heaps more for you than blowing off your movement time all together. 

Warmer, sunnier days and all the extra energy that goes along with them are just around the corner, but for now weatherproofing my wellness activities (and motivation) carries me through! 

Do you feel constant shifts in your motivation and health habits around this time of year? Share any tips and tricks you have with me! 

Keep moving ! 


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