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Do You Need to Tidy Up Your Routine?!

Spring Clean your Wellness Habits!

Sweet spring has arrived, and with it hope, new life, and an abundance of fresh energy are all in the forecast! 

I LOVE these first days of spring and the way there seems to be a certain EASE in the air-- to-do lists and responsibilities still exist, but my body and mind are more willing to take action. The warmer weather and sun shine a light on those dusty corners of my winter days. You know the places--  where scrolling under blankets for hours, ordering takeout, and choosing TV over going for a walk all accumulated over the colder months.

So, just like a good ol' spring clean of the house, or Tomb-sweeping Festival with your family, it's the perfect time to clear out the cobwebs in our wellness routines as well! 

Water (Yourself)! 💦

Just as many plants need more water as temperatures rise, don't forget to water yourself by prioritizing hydration! In the colder months it's easy to slip into drinking more creamy, heavy beverages or alcohol at parties. Add some lemon slices or mint to make filling up your water bottle a treat!

Eat Fresh! 🥦

One look outside at the blossoming flowers will tell you that the Earth has abundance ripe for the picking! Check out your local market and see what seasonal fruits and vegetables are on offer. Eating seasonally will ensure your food is packed with optimal nutrients, and is usually less expensive and more environmental-friendly !

Digital Detox! 📵

Give yourself a break from your device and get outside! Whether it's a stroll to appreciate the chirping birds, reading a book in the park, or a hike to your favorite spot to catch the sunset, a small break outside will leave you feeling more energized and less stressed!

Move more! 🏃‍♀️

Leverage the good weather and get moving more. Commuting to class is easier when it's warm. You can go for a neighborhood walk without freezing or sweating to death. You can wake up just a little earlier with more ease and do my ten minute On-Demand Zumba Class at the start of your day. Choose just ONE small action you can stick to this month and commit to leaving those winter excuses in the past and springing forward!

In any good thorough clean, you first need to take stock of what you have already before you identify what needs to go piece by piece. Similarly, don't overwhelm yourself by throwing EVERYTHING out at once and instead think of ways to build more healthy habits into the parts of your schedule that already work well for you!

Lastly, please note, there will be NO in -person classes 4/4, 4/6, and 4/9. But that doesn't mean you can't dance with me during the long weekend! Dance everyday at home with me for my virtual classes to hit those "move more" targets!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!



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