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“ Your Moves Matter” 你的「行動」很重要!

Take an online class and make a difference!

I know I’ve written before about my online Zumba classes, but I wanted to do so again to give you a couple updates in case you want to try them out!

First, Zumba is launching a partnership with The Global Foodbanking Network in delivering 1 million free meals to families affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Starting today, every time anyone takes an online class through ZinStudio (where my classes are posted), Zumba will deliver one free meal on your behalf. One class = one meal. The more classes you take the more meals are delivered! Your moves truly so matter and can make a difference!

Every Wednesday I have been posting a new class you can do from home for the next week. I’ve got a new video up for this week (available May 13, 16, 17, 18 9am-2pm, 5pm-10pm Taiwan time). The classes are currently free of charge/ pay what you can as I know many people are struggling financially at the moment. If you enjoy the classes you are welcome to make a contribution, or feel free to pass the class info on to anyone you think who might want to dance for a good cause!

Additionally, if you follow me on Instagram and YouTube you’ll notice I posted an extra video this week for Family Moves by KATIE. This is an easy routine you can do at home with your little ones while the parent/child classes have been temporarily put on hold.

No matter who you are or where you are, I hope you can dance with me online or in person soon!

Keep moving!





首先, Zumba 開始與全球食物銀行網絡(The Global Foodbanking Network)合作,要送一百萬份餐到受新冠疫情影響的家庭。從今天開始,只要任何一個人在 ZinStudio (也就是我線上課程使用的平台)上一堂課,Zumba 就會以你的名義免費送出一份餐:一堂課 = 一餐。你上越多的課,就會送出越多份餐!你的「行動」真的很重要,他同時也能為需要的人帶來重要的幫助!

每週三我都會上傳新課程,讓你接下來的一周能夠在家和我一起跳舞,課程時間是 5/13 (三)、5/16 (六)、5/17 (日) 與 5/18 (一) 的 9am-2pm 與 5pm-10pm(台灣時間)。目前課程的費用是免費/以你的能力支付(我了解現在很多人面臨財務困難),所以如果你很享受課程想要捐款支持,非常歡迎;或是也歡迎你與任何想要跳舞做善事的朋友分享!

此外,如果你有在 IGYouTube 上關注我,你應該會發現這周我多分享了一個 KATIE 親子派對的影片。這是一首簡單的歌,在親子派對實體課暫停的同時,讓你可以在家和小朋友一起跳。





( Anna Liang 譯 )

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