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Working (out) from Home 在家運動

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Are you dancing along with us on my YouTube channel?

Exercise in my pajamas? Yes, please!It's

As I’m sitting down to write this week’s newsletter, the sky is turning an ominous shade of grey and the sounds of masking tape being ripped to make large X’s and protect neighbors’ windows can be heard. It can only mean one thing--a typhoon is headed our way! Similar to a snow day, an approaching typhoon means class and work is canceled, while everyone stays inside hoping no one gets injured and for the least amount of damage. People stock up on supplies like extra water jugs, and grocery store shelves are pretty wiped out.

In previous years, I have always used typhoon days as an excuse to be incredibly lazy, watch a marathon of TV, and eat nothing but junk food. Since I’m still recovering from all my birthday cakes and feasting, I’m hoping to use this typhoon to do things a bit differentlyt. I’ve loaded up on lots of fruit and veggies to make healthier snacks and am going to try to do some exercise at home.

I’ve always enjoyed working out from home more than at a gym. Even when I was young, if my family was in doubt to where I was, I could often be found coming up with dance routines in the house basement only to emerge several hours later a sweaty mess. Now, with a pretty packed schedule of classes, I still try to find some time to do exercises at home.

Exercising from home has lots of advantages. For one, you skip the fee of a gym membership, while also avoiding all of the excuses that might pop up as you try to leave the house. There is no intimidation factor since you aren’t distracted by complicated machines you don’t know how to operate or worried about comparing yourself to others. You can literally exercise in your pajamas or your underwear (something I often do!). Of course, there may be drawbacks such as limited space, neighbors downstairs to consider, or the temptation of the couch staring at you and beckoning you to sit down. Still, working out at home can easily be modified to fit your needs and test your creativity (ex. using water jugs as weights).

There is an endless amount of content available online or Youtube that makes finding a free workout that suits your mood, your fitness level, and available time a breeze. Some of my favorite from over the years include: Bender Fitness , Blogilates , and XFitDaily . I also love to try to do the Scientific 7-Minute Workout when I don’t have much time, but want to have a quick sweat session.

As always, if you can’t make it to one of my classes and want to get your dance on, I recommend visiting my YouTube channel and dancing along with me from your home! If you are stuck inside this week or just keen to workout at home, give one of my videos a try, then take a quick photo or video to post and tag me with #katiemovestaipei. I’ll choose one video with the most likes to repost and will give a free Katie Moves Taipei to the winner!

Keep moving! xx, Katie

穿著睡衣運動? 我也要!

我在寫這個禮拜電子報的同時天色變暗了,天空呈現不吉的灰,隱約可以聽到鄰居在撕封箱膠帶的聲音,這只代表一件事 ------ 颱風快來了!和下雪天一樣,停班停課,大家忙著儲蓄糧食買水,在雜貨店裡看著空蕩蕩架子,心中希望台灣一切平安。


一直以來,和在健身房運動比起來,我總是比較喜歡在家運動。小的時候也是一樣,如果爸媽不知道我在哪裡,我一定就是在樓下編舞。 現在不管我的時間表有多滿,我還是會找時間在家運動。


你可以在YouTube上找到很各種運動影片,看你想要什麼運動、你的健身程度高低、有多少時間等。我要推薦我最喜歡的: Fitness , Blogilates , 和XFitDaily 如果我沒有那麼多時間,我常喜歡做 7-分鐘科學的運動

當讓,你也可以來我的YouTube Channel跟我一起跳舞!如果這周你要待在家裡想試試和我的影片一起跳舞,只要拍下你和我的Youtube頻道一起跳舞(影片或是照片)然後標註 #katiemovestaipei @katiemovestaipei,我就會選一個贏家送出一件Katie Moves Taipei的專屬T-Shirt唷~

注意安全 繼續運動唷~~


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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