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“What if…?! What if … What if…”😣

Working out our worries together

“What if I get Covid?” “What if school/ work/ my trip gets canceled?” “What if we never get back to normal?” This week I found myself really caught up in imagining tons of “what if” scenarios. Try as I might to just STOP overthinking, it’s really easy to be stuck thinking about all the possibilities of what might happen and how little control of outcomes there can be at times!

As with any time I feel stressed, talking about how I feel usually helps, but also has its limitations. The other night I sat with a friend and we shared some of our anxieties and frustrations. We felt less alone and maybe more understood, but honestly talking alone wasn’t really brightening our mood. So together we pushed aside some furniture and worked out.

An hour, several YouTube videos, lots of laughs and grunts later, we collapsed on the floor in piles of sweat. Man, did we feel amazing! What was I so anxious about again?

Working out has SO many benefits for our body — but sometimes the benefits to my mind and heart are way more important and immediate! Many people have heard of exercise causing the body to release endorphins, chemicals that reduce pain and promote

pleasure, as well as serotonin known as “the happy chemical. ”

Additionally, exercise can help build self -confidence and improve brain functioning and focus which can gives you a sense that you are more resilient and capable of overcoming difficulties. During the time you exercise, you generally need to have your body and mind working together to complete a task— making it necessary to pay attention to the present moment, getting through just that one more movement or one more song and making it impossible to focus on your worries. Need more reasons to work out for your mental well-being? How about improved sleep quality, memory and energy!

Now, I know if you are in Taipei the torrential rain and unseasonably cool weather are making it really tempting to keep your workout routine limited to thumbs moving on your cell phone. An hour long class might seem out of reach with your busy schedule or even just with feeling blah these days— but getting up to join a livestream or prerecorded class from your house won’t be something you regret. Even following along to a few Zumba videos on my YouTube channel might just turn your day around!

Thank you for joining us here to sweat worries away and for being a part of the community that moves our bodies, minds and hearts together!

Keep moving!



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