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“What Doesn’t Bend, Breaks” 『若不隨風彎曲就會只剩殘骸』

Finding Strength in Adaptability

As many of you know already, the Beam +Bounce Party planned for this weekend has been postponed until further notice due to the coronavirus. For me, this has been just one of the many changes to my schedule in recent weeks. My parents also have had to put off their annual visit to see me, and other projects have had to be moved online instead of in person. These few inconveniences are hardly earth shattering and pale in comparison to what many people have had to experience during this time, but they can be disappointing nonetheless.

Recently, I’ve been reminded a lot of a few lines from a Ani Difranco song I loved in university:

“Buildings and bridges are made to bend in the wind.
To withstand the world, that’s what it takes.
All that steel and stone is no match for the air, my friend.
What doesn’t bend, breaks. What doesn’t bend, breaks…”

(Ani DiFranco, “Buildings and Bridges”)

To me, the song speaks about the need to have strength and flexibility coexist. For instance, I know that because I’ve worked hard to behave and do my job in a way I’m proud of, I might occasionally be quick to become frustrated when things are beyond my control and don’t go according to plan. But not leaving any room “to bend in the wind” is a sure way to let frustration grow into full on resentment in any situation. The resulting feeling of “brokenness” is exactly the opposite of what I’ve attempted to build up over time.

No matter how strict, disciplined, or well-planned we might want to be about anything from our diets and workout routines to relationships, it also takes a lot of strength to be someone who knows when to be adaptable and flexible. With all the changes and disruptions life is sure to throw our way, much better, then, to build keeping in mind that some bend is inevitable.

No matter what kinds of changes and monkey wrenches get thrown into the mix, I’m so thankful for the strength, support, and softness we have in our community. Building and bending, moving and shaking, and growing and learning are all better with you!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


很多人應該都有聽說 2月22日Beam +Bounce 的派對,因為新型冠狀病毒的疫情確定延期,而這只是我最近幾周行事曆上多數的變動之一。我父母也被迫取消每年的來訪,其他的活動也從實體改成線上。這些變動和很多人現在的經歷比起來真的是什麼,但是難免的,多少有一絲令人失望的成分。



(Ani Difranco 的 Building and Bridges)





愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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