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We’ve Got You!

We’re here to dance with you!

How is everyone doing? As it’s been about two weeks since our in- person classes have been stopped, I have to say, I sure do miss seeing so many of you! As always, Anna and I have been working extremely hard to bring you moments of joy during days that are surely challenging as some are out of work, working from home, overseeing their children’s online education and more.

A huge thank you to all who joined in Virtual Classes this week, whether via Livestream Zoom or Zin Studio classes. Knowing that I could see your faces through the screen has meant so much to me! Highlights of this past week included the addition of Fit + Flaunt on Monday night, Family Moves class with suuuper cute little ones on Tuesday and also a few new comers to Zumba in all virtual and Zoom classes! Honestly, having some chances to teach made all the difference in my days!

Now more than ever , I hope you can take a little time for your own mental, emotional and physical well-being, even if it’s just one hour a week to move your coffee table aside and get moving in your living room. We’ll be having Zoom Zumba classes TWICE this Thursday May 27th (12:30pm And 7:00pm Taiwan Time) as well as Saturday at 11am as we are still finding the times that work for all of you! And for those who need more flexibility Zin Studio On-demand classes are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

We will continue to try our best to keep ourselves and you moving, whatever it to come! Keep connected, keep moving and keep safe!



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