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Want to Know My 5 Secrets to a Super Summer?

How I stay happy and healthy in the hottest season!

In June of 2013 I walked into my Zumba instructor training with few expectations and a lot of nerves. I knew I enjoyed Zumba from the party-like classes I had taken with amazing instructors in Taipei. But as someone who would still get serious bouts of shyness, would I When I first moved to Taipei, summer made me nervous. The heat and the humidity were going to be how high?! 🥵It’s possible to sweat from how many different places on my body?! 💦 As a kid, I had the habit of fainting when I overheated — flashback to me spending parts of my 10th birthday party sucking on ice cubes on a bench as my friends roller skated ! 😅 So what was I thinking exactly when I chose to move here at the end of July?!

I still have no idea! 🤪

But, something amazing happened after living in Taiwan for so many years— not only did I seemingly acclimate to the summers here - I actually found things to like about the summer! Ways of using that intense sun, heat and sweat to make me feel MORE energized rather than like I was going to pass out or melt away!

With Dragon Boat Festival and the official start of summer falling on the same week, I’ve definitely got the season on my mind! This year I don’t have any exotic holiday or big trip home planned, so I have to find ways of bringing that easy, breezy, relaxed vacation vibe to my regular days!

All of my favorite summer practices are about infusing just a bit more color, life, relaxation and FUN into each day. Read below for my favorite tips to feel super cool all summer long!

1. Make the most of mornings! I am NOT and have never been a morning person— except maybe for Christmas morning and , you guessed it, summer time. The extra bright sun and the warm temperatures make it easier to get out of bed earlier creating more time for self-care routines like journaling, stretching, or reading.

2. Hydrate and make it fancy! Sipping sangria and mojitos poolside on the beach is great and all, but with a little bit of effort you can make your water just as delicious and beautiful! Spruce up your water bottle with lemon slices, other chopped fruits, cucumbers slices, or mint leaves to boost your mood!

3. Keep it fresh with summer salads! When temperatures rise it’s less appealing to be standing over a stove or oven for long, or to eat heavy, oily foods. Keep yourself cooler in the kitchen by chopping up seasonal veggies of every color and get creative combining ingredients into light and delicious salads!

4. Soak in sunset! Summer days can feel oppressively hot and force us to hide away in the AC filled indoors. Wait for the midday heat to pass and get outside for an activity as the sun goes down. I love riverside bike rides and easy walks to my favorite lookout spot to soak in the beauty of a sunset this time of year!

5. CHOOSE to sweat , rather than see sweat as suffering. One of my biggest mindshifts in embracing summer was committing to staying active through the warmer months. Purposefully sweating from working out rather than waiting for it to happen to me when I so much as crossed the street led to me stopping with the complaints about it and growing to actually enjoy it!

If you want to keep sweating and feeling great all summer long, you’re in for a treat! My Unlimited On- Demand Zumba Package for July will be extra special as I’ll be giving you 3 ten minute target and tone videos for you to focus on abs, arms and lower body. Dance as much or as little as you want all

month long and keep your happy and healthy routine going!

For those in Taipei, I have a NEW in person class on Monday afternoons in July 1-2pm at AMME’s show room in Gongguan. I’ve got special summer songs lined up for this intimate class experience! Come to dance and stay to shop some of their comfortable and cute workout gear!

Have a wonderful long weekend, a Happy Dragon Boat Festival and a fantastic start to your summer!

Keep moving!



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