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Want to Get Silly and Spooky with Us!

Halloween Fun for Us Big Kids!

I'll always remember the very last year I went trick-or-treating for Halloween. Along with my best friend, we pulled together last-minute costumes, grabbed empty pillowcases (yes, we got THAT much candy in our neighborhoods) and headed out to hit the block a bit sheepishly and with sadness knowing we had nearly outgrown so many of the fun, carefree customs of our childhood.

Dressing up, being silly, using my imagination, dancing around like a clown-- little did I know then that as a Zumba instructor my adult life would be able to keep so much of that alive!

But how often do we assume that fun, creativity, dancing , and silliness have some kind of expiration date that ends with childhood? When actually in some ways with the stress and responsibilities of everyday life, it is the adults who need to play and use their imaginations the most!

Our students LOVE coming to class because it's a space to set aside the pressure of "real life" and connect to that playful inner child. Just like you might feel a sense of freedom to express another side of yourself when you dress up in a costume, each different song and rhythm is an opportunity to express a different facet of yourself-- strong, cute, sultry, fierce, emotional and more!

And to top it off, our In-person Halloween Zumba classes coming October 26-31 are an extra special opportunity to put down your worries and get a silly or spooky sweat session on! Dress up in a costume or wear black or orange workout gear to get into the spirit with me!

Wishing you moments of play, happiness and silliness no matter what your week holds or you are facing in life at the moment!

Keep moving!



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