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Wanna Know My Secret to Keep Moving?

Hint- it’s You!

Here I am! 👋

If you’ve been in my community for a while, you may have noticed the absence of my newsletter last week~~ something that has rarely happened over the past 5+ years! The nasty summer cold + flu that hit me made work impossible and I took the opportunity to do nothing but focus on rest for the week. Happy to be mostly recovered now!

Almost a full week of being sick in bed and home all alone was certainly boring. I missed not dancing, sure, but honestly so much time without my crew of students and friends was the most challenging part!

One of the ways I passed the time on my own was listening to podcasts. During one such interview Harvard University Evolutionary Biologist and author of “Exercised” , Dr. Daniel Lieberman was asked what he views as the most important factor in helping people become physically active for life, to which he replied people exercise when it’s rewarding. What makes it rewarding to most people, according to Lieberman, is the social aspect. He proposes having a gym buddy you promise to meet up with, a trainer who keeps you accountable, or even classmates you look forward to seeing in dance class may be the most effective tools in helping people stay committed to being active.

Anytime you start exercising, whether after a break, illness or injury, it can definitely feel like a challenge. This week I’m out of breath, red in the face, and tired far more quickly. But as Lieberman said, the social aspect of knowing I am again with my community of movers keeps me coming back. I’m motivated to connect with others, and I feel supported as I’m patient with myself to do whatever I am able to.

I feel the value, importance and gratitude of each of us being there for one another as we all move on our own health journeys. It’s certainly less boring, more fun, and way more rewarding moving with you!

Now that I’m back to work I want to dance with YOU! Don’t forget we can connect from all over the world when you join July’s Summer Hits Zumba Livestream party this Thursday 7/20 19:30-20:30 Taipei Time ( 7:30am EST! ) You won’t want to miss some of this summer’s top tracks including Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, K-pop hits and more! Come to dance and stay to chat with us after the class!

Keep moving!



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