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To Gather Together Again

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Feels so good to dance with a large group!

Last weekend, what fun we had at the BK Tour Taichung Zumba Party! After a couple weeks of laying low to rest my body and spend more solo time, it felt amazing to be surrounded by so many Zumba lovers at one time! And with all the event cancellations and postponements due to COVID-19, it was the first large Zumba party of 2020 for me!

During the event, I often looked out in awe at the many faces that were able to gather together to dance and to celebrate life, health, friendship, and this safe island we live on.

This year is all about coming to terms with limitations, realizing all we had taken for granted in the past, and feeling gratitude for the simplest of things. Having the opportunity to dance in person with others is something that I will continue to appreciate on a whole new level after this year.

To those around the world unable to join classes, I hope that you can still find joy in dancing along with me during our Zin Studio virtual classes. It may not be an identical experience, but the same spirit of dance, friendship, and love connects us still!

Keep moving!



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