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THIS is why I work out!

Have You Had this kind of "aha" Moment?

Mambo cha-cha-cha, squatting to the beat, salsa rock-backs. Are these Zumba moves really skills you can use in life??

Well, maybe not exactly. But in the past few weeks, I can’t tell you how many moments I have said in my mind or aloud, “THIS is why I workout!”

Let me explain. 

There is an old woman who sells dou jiang ( tofu pudding ) who lives across the street (well, until my recent move). Nearly every night she pushes her cart back from the market to unload her large metal tubs of pudding, pearl boba, and peanuts. She struggles to lift the heavy tubs and calls for passersby to come help her, sometimes waiting at length. Being able to stop to help her, seeing her shock that I can lift her equipment and her smile always has reminded me: THIS is why I workout – to have the strength to help others! 

Another "THIS is why I workout!" moment came  several weeks back when I attended a beautiful (but scorching) outdoor wedding. There were plenty of understandable groans as everyone, feeling sluggish, melted under the sun. Me? The sweat was definitely dripping, but it didn’t slow me down. It hit me: THIS is why I work out-  to know I can survive uncomfortable situations!

And of course, during my recent stressful move, when I’ve been feeling emotional, tired, and cranky surrounded by boxes, a little voice in my head kept saying: THIS is why I workout – to have the energy to handle anything life throws my way!  These Zumba classes are my much-needed stress relief and give me the stamina to power through.

So often we hear about the physical motivations we have for working out– the summer body or the weight we want to drop. Sure they can be great side effects of exercise– but that motivation can fade once we reach our goals (or when we keep failing to). The reasons that make working out a VITAL habit have more to do with how I feel on the inside. 

 I feel more capable, and life seems more manageable, more joyous , just more full of LIFE when movement is a regular part of it!

So, what are YOUR reasons for working out?  Is it the confidence boost you get after a killer Zumba routine? Or maybe it's the energy to keep up with your kids?

Whatever your reason, I want to hear it!  Share your "THIS is why I workout!" moments with me – let's inspire each other!

See you in class or online ready to sweat and celebrate the many benefits of staying active!

Keep moving!



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