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The Holiday Spirit of Simplicity

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Trading excess for simple pleasures

With the majority of Zumba events and holiday performances out of the way for this year, there is finally a bit more time to let that holiday feeling in! This week we started using Christmas songs in class and even danced in the weekly YouTube video to the song “Holiday” for a celebration vibe that works all the way til Chinese New Year!

One reminder I have to give myself is that as work pauses and free time opens up at the holidays, to not immediately overpack the time with activities. It’s ok to be bored, quiet, lazy, or even lonely at moments.

I find a good compromise of doing something and doing nothing is hanging out in the kitchen. If I have a good chunk of time, I can get ambitious with more complex recipes, however as of late, I’m keeping it as lowkey as possible by snacking in style!

The holidays are a perfect time to pull out a wooden cutting board or fancy plate, cut up a mix of fruits, veg, meats and cheeses and spend more time enjoying your own or other’s company rather than slaving away in front of the stove!

Recently I received some delicious vegan tree nut cheeses from Vegan Yumz, and I used these as the starting point for adding pears, grapes, crackers and some gorgeous pomegranate seeds to create a simple, festive , fuss-free bite that brightened my day!

While this season is often associated with excess, a simple snack, a short holiday dance, or a moment just to relax can sometimes be all the celebration you need!

Keep moving!



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