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Summer Socializing Ahead!

Get tickets to party with

the Beam & Bounce team!

As I sat down to write the newsletter today, two huge drops of sweat dropped right on my phone making it impossible to type ! 😅 Looks like things are really heating up between the warm weather and our energetic classes! With constant sweating, it’s a challenge to feel cute and extremely rare that I get the chance to dress up. That’s a part of the reason I’m so looking forward to an upcoming event!

On June 26th, the Beam & Bounce team will be hosting a party for all of us dance fitness lovers! Unlike our regular events, we’re asking those attending to NOT wear exercise clothes but instead come donning your favorite retro costume. There will be eating, drinking, partying, performing, and of course, dancing too!

For so many of us, students and instructors alike, our busy schedules keep us from meeting up outside of class as often as we would like. This will be an awesome opportunity for us to socialize together and make new connections with others in the dance fitness community! Come and make some new friends or get a taste of another instructor’s style! See me in something other than my exercise clothes ! 🤣

For more information check out our event page or For tickets visit the link here . Follow the Beam & Bounce team for more updates and costume inspiration on Instagram as well!

Speaking of summer, don’t forget to fill out the form regarding Family Moves classes if you have children you would like to dance with over the summer break!

Looking forward to lots of fun ahead!

Keep moving!



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