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【學生焦點】Student Spotlight on Jubi Wu

From exercise newbie to dancing diva

It’s time for another Student Spotlight! This week Jubi Wu shares with us her experience joining our Zumba classes.

I first met Jubi at an evening Zumba party hosted by XareFit Gym in Taipei. These kinds of events are always great because newbies get a taste of just how fun Zumba can be— high energy, sweaty, dance parties where anyone is welcome ! After the event, I began to see Jubi join our classes regularly, bringing along friends and even her boyfriend to our classes ( how sweet is that?!) .

Having the support of others to reach our health and fitness goals makes success a shared experience and a whole lot more enjoyable! And while at the moment in light of the Coronavirus some people are concerned about attending group classes, this newsletter and our YouTube videos are great ways to keep connected with one another and keep on track working towards our goals.

Truthfully, I’m not the kind of girl who likes to workout. It was because of this, I gained 10 Kilograms while I studied for my master's degree .
I still remember the very first time I watched Katie’s YouTube videos, I couldn’t help but follow along. I felt like Zumba was that kind of workout which could make you happy-- well for me, I think “soothing” is more the case. I then encouraged myself to sign up for a trail class hosted by XareFit Gym. It was the first time I did Zumba for 1 hour straight. I still remember how tired and sweaty I was after the class, but most importantly how much fun I had! With my diet and Zumba (my only workout), I’ve lost 7 Kilograms.
Zumba is also a passion-filled exercise. It brings me tons of joy which is why I really enjoy inviting my friends to come “sweat” with me!
Because of Coronavirous, I am not able to go to class now. However, I will keep dancing, so please wait for me, Katie!

Thanks so much, Jubi, for sharing your story with us! I love learning more about the people who make up our community and the things that keep them moving week after week. And I’d love to hear from YOU, too!

Stay healthy and safe, everyone! Hope to see you in class soon!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


又到了【學生焦點】的時間啦!這周 Jubi Wu 和我們分享她參加我們 Zumba 課的經驗。

我第一次遇到 Jubi 是在台北一個由 XareFit Gym 舉辦的晚間 Zumba 派對。我很喜歡這樣的活動,因為讓新朋友有機會來體驗 Zumba 可以是多麼好玩:是大家都可以來參加的一個高能量、大爆汗的舞蹈派對!在活動之後,我開始看到 Jubi 參加我們每周的課程,也帶了很多朋友,甚至是她男朋友一起來玩(是不是很甜蜜呀~)

有其他人的支持,一起達到我們健康與健身的目標,這樣的成功不但是一個共享的經驗,也讓整個過程非常令人享受!同時現在有些同學因為擔心疫情無法來參加團體課程,我們的電子報和 YouTube 影片是一個很好持續與他人保持連結的方法,也幫助我們持續走在前往目標的道路上。

其實我一直是一個不喜歡運動的女生,導致自己從碩士回國以後一路胖到比大學畢業重了 10 公斤。
還記得,第一次打開 Katie 過去的影片跟著跳就覺得 Zumba 是個快樂的運動(倒不如說是舒壓),再來我鼓起勇氣報名Katie跟享健身的體驗課程,嘗試跳滿一個小時的 Zumba,那次上課好累、我流了好多汗,可是我很開心!
到現在我已經瘦了 7 公斤~(搭配著飲食及我唯一的運動- Zumba )
Zumba 是個熱情的運動,它帶來的是歡樂,最喜歡我的朋友們跟我一起在課堂上流汗!
雖然最近因為疫情的關係我都不敢去上課,但我會繼續努力跳 Zumba 的~ Katie 等我~~

真的很謝謝 Jubi 和我們分享你的故事!我很喜愛聽到大家分享在我們這個社群的經驗,以及是什麼讓他們周復一周地持續往前。我也想聽「你」的分享



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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