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School’s Almost Out for Summer— What’s Your Plan?

Ideas for staying active with your little ones!

Can you remember back to how these beginning days of June felt when you were a child? With only a short time left of the school year, myself and every other kid were buzzing with energy looking forward to summer days of swimming pools, sticky, melted ice-cream coated fingers, and freedom from uniforms and homework.

Summer likely feels a lot less simple these days for many of us. There may be big plane rides and trips to organize, summer camps to usher the kids off to, or extra classes and activities that fill up free time. Being bored and having to come up with creative solutions has often become replaced with an equally as demanding vacation schedule. Playing outside all day until your body was exhausted gets replaced with playing on an iPad until your eyes feel like they’ll fall out of your head. 😵

With how different summer might feel, some things remain the same — this season presents incredible opportunities to build memories with our loved ones, especially children! When the kids are out of school, they have more chances to observe our own routines and we have a greater ability to build healthful habits together— making it a good time to prioritize hitting recommended daily activity guidelines ( AT LEAST 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity per day for kids ages 5-17 according to the CDC).

Check out some ideas for channeling that exciting summer energy into activities that will keep the kids AND you having a blast!

  1. Explore on scavenger hunt walks! Search for colors, objects starting with all the different alphabet letters, and beautiful bugs while taking walks together in the neighborhood.

  2. Challenge each other with an indoor obstacle course! If it’s too hot outside, grab pillows, stuffed animals and other toys to create a challenge course together that you can jump and crawl over, around, and through.

  3. Get wet! Cool down with water activities like swimming and water balloon or water pistol games.

  4. Dance party time! I’m bringing back Family Moves with Katie classes this summer! You, your kids, and their friends are invited to book your very own private Family Moves class with me over the month of July!

In this 50-minute class, parents and children (ages 4-10) will:

  • Dance to top Pop and age-appropriate songs both your kids AND YOU will love! 🎵

  • Practice English vocabulary, phrases, and conversation through movement and fun!

  • Play games that build cooperation, coordination, and confidence! 💪

  • Learn a simple dance routine each class to a favorite song of your choice!

  • Gain the benefits of physical exercise while spending quality together! 💕

Keep things creative, fun and joyful when it comes to moving with your family this summer! You’ll make wonderful memories AND encourage healthful habits that will benefit your loved ones for life!

Keep moving !



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