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Rockin’ Around the Clock

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

No excuse to miss a virtual class time!

Have you tried my ZinStudio classes yet? If not, the reasons for missing classes keep getting harder and harder to find! This week Zumba Head Office announced that they will be extending our Zin Studio virtual class postings from 5 hour time periods to 24 hours! I’ll be posting the class all week long in order to accommodate wherever you are in the world and whatever your schedule might be! With class #16 up today, you’ll be able to dance straight through until next week ( although breaks are recommenced 😅😉).

In addition to dancing around the clock, I’m super excited to be dancing around the island soon! At the end of the month myself and ZES Banai Lao will head to Taichung for our BK Tour! Get ready for 2 hour Zumba party! With all of the event cancellations of this year, it will be fantastic to be with Zumba friends to party. Tell your family and friends in Taichung, or better yet, jump on the train and head down south with us to get your dance on! More information can be found here.

Can’t wait to keep dancing with you whether online or in person!

Keep moving!



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