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— Ready to Break Out Of the Box?

… onto the dance floor!

You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have noticed the hot pink hoopla surrounding the release of the Barbie movie this summer. The other week, like so many around the world, I reached for my rosé colored gear and headed to watch the movie with some of my fabulous friends.

As a little girl I LOOOOVED Barbie and had a tangle of blonde-haired Barbie bodies, a 3-story doll mansion, and hot pink Barbie limo to prove it. Much like the movie, my Barbies were usually dancing and singing along some kind of adventure, taking plenty of pit stops for costume changes on the way. The imagination, the fun, and that PINK completely drew me in at the time, (and even again now!) But, it is some of the deeper messages within the storyline that seem to have made the movie resonate with so many of us around the world.

Barbie, that radiant, versatile, independent woman that can't be kept in a box. Barbie who has countless different opportunities, professions, and possibilities. Barbie who seems to say you can be anything you want to be.

How many of us must have been needing to hear this message?

I believe this message of freedom to be, to choose, and to express —which attracted me to Barbie as a young child —is what has drawn me to dance all my life as well.

When you dare to break out of boxes —to be perfect, to be the tireless mom, the ideal boss, the flawless wife, the model employee, and more — you can more fully step into who YOU are. Dance fitness class is a safe place to explore sides of yourself you don’t typically get to show in everyday life.

So , get out of the box and dance the many sides of yourself!

Dance to be…

  • Playful : To play, to laugh, to imagine, to do something NOT because of a result or reward, but just for the FUN of it is necessary for happiness, health, and stress-relief especially as an adult!

  • Strong: Jumping, squatting, shimmying, and challenging yourself physically as well as mentally builds strength and resilience. Feel fierce and powerful when you sweat!

  • Emotional : Listen to the music and you’ll be moved inside and out. From joy to sadness, frustration to celebration, grief to longing, we can express with our bodies what is difficult to say with words.

  • Sensual: Emboldened by the beat, dance opens up the senses to the beauty and passion of being alive and that which we carry within ourselves. We grow in the comfort with and confidence of our bodies through our movements.

  • Free: There’s no one way to move, no perfect step that must be mastered or expectation to fill when we dance together. We are free to be uniquely ourselves when we dance!

You can be anything you want to be when you dance!

What sides of yourself do you show when you dance?! Can’t wait to see them all on the dance floor!



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