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Reaching Goals Together!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Thanks for moving virtually with me!

“Your moves matter!” I’m so happy to share with you that we hit our goal of donating 1 million meals to the Global Foodbanking Network by participating in virtual Zumba classes! Add this to virtual classes taken with its sister brand Strong Nation ( Zumba’s HIIT workout program), and 1,125,000 meals have now been donated in total!

While I don’t have an exact tally of all of the times my classes were taken, based on average attendance it seems as though through our community alone we contributed between 1,500- 2,000 meals towards the goal! Thank you so much for not only helping others in a meaningful way, but also continuing to dance with me even during difficult times.

For more information on how your moves have helped the Global Foodbanking Network, take a look at their work here.

Just because we reached our goal, doesn’t mean we need to stop dancing together virtually! Today Class #15 is up! I’ve also added an additional time slot each day of class (11:30pm Taipei Time, 11:30am EST) for students in other time zones. This week I’ve added a few new songs so let me know your thoughts and what you want to dance to again next week!

Have Virtual Zumba classes helped keep you moving during this challenging year? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Share your story here to be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

Keep moving!



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