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Plan on Feeling Fantastic All Fall

Plan on Feeling Fantastic All Fall?

Oh November, you always kick off the season where I'm more tempted to cancel my plans, hibernate on the couch, and become best friends with my UberEats delivery driver.

Autumn is truly an awesome time of year, filled with more bearable temperatures and holiday occasions to delve deeper connecting with family and friends, but well honestly, it's a time of year my body doesn't always feel at its best.

The shorter days and cooler temperatures tell me to slow down, while looking at the calendar I see just how much needs to be accomplished before the quickly-approaching end of the year. These mixed and disconnected messages between my body and mind create a kind of stress that I'm more than willing to assuage with treats and just one more episode of Friends before I put myself to sleep. Along with that one more coffee than necessary to power through the day or a candy bar to kick me in the pants in the afternoon, and it's not unusual that these "treats" have ended up tricking my body out of the energy, relaxation or comfort I was looking for in the first place.

Can anyone else relate?

While I understand and accept my body needs to go through many ever-changing seasons and stages of life, I also hope that with each passing year, I can get better attuned to listening to my body and mind, and gift myself what it needs most. In November, more than any time of year, it's helpful to remind myself of what truly makes me feel great!

Read on for some of my tips to avoid falling into an autumn slump!

  1. Schedule in and stick to a movement schedule. Motivation alone can't get me out of bed early when it's dark or to the gym when it's cold and rainy. Know Where, When, How, and with Whom to make it easiest to follow through! (tip: check out my On-Demand Zumba Classes if you can't bring yourself to leaving the house!)

  2. Make following through fun! Pair a workout with hanging with a friend, great music or a TV show in the background to give it a sense of reward or being a "treat" you don't want to miss!

  3. Stay hydrated-- add in more warm water and soups! It's easy to forget to drink enough when the temperature drops, but dehydration can cause low energy and mood so drink and eat up!

  4. Eat seasonally! Certain flavors and colors just feel more comforting and satisfying in fall! Eat more vibrant and nutrient packed fall fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and apples

  5. Prioritize real rest! Give yourself more breaks from work, your device, the TV, too many commitments and a packed schedule to combat the energy dip that comes at this time of year.

What are some of your tips for feeling great during the fall?! I'd love to hear some ideas from you to help keep me moving this autumn!



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