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oh, how i need these tips lately!

As Mental Health Awareness May draws to an end, you know I gotta squeeze in another chance to focus on building your HAPPY!  Truth be told, with all the organizing, packing, and moving on my own horizon, I really NEED the happiness tools and tips to help combat my stress levels!

Last week I shared Marci Shimoff's model of building a "home of happiness" consisting of responsibility, mind, heart, body, soul, purpose and relationships. Seeing as I'm always on about getting your joyful movement in, I want to zoom in more on the pillar of the body this week.

Long before I started teaching dance fitness or intellectually had knowledge of the connection between my body and my emotions, I instinctively KNEW the kinds of habits and actions that FELT GOOD in my body-- running around with friends as a kid, getting a full night sleep after being read a bedtime story, sitting outside to catch sunset with a refreshing drink, or a really good hug from my Mom.

Can't remember? Try to envision just how pleasant your parents felt you were if you ate way too much junk food while staying up too late glued to the TV screen! I was an angel, I'm sure! 😉

Science tells us rather than  judging our habits and actions as "naughty" or "nice" (inducing a ton of guilt and more unhappiness!), we have tools that boost endorphins, reduce stress, improve sleep, and elevate our happiness!

Check out some of these HAPPY BODY tips I have been trying to tap into lately!

Happy Sleep 💤 : Aim for 7-8 hours of shut-eye each night. Feeling well-rested is a game-changer for mood, energy levels, and focus.

Happy Food 🥗 :  Nourish your body with veggies, fruits, and whole grains which more slowly release sugar into the body to keep your mood stable and your energy levels up throughout the day.

Happy Movement 💃 : You already know I love Zumba, but find what makes YOU want to move!  The key is to find enjoyable movement that gets your heart rate up and leaves you feeling energized.

Happy Touch 🖐: Did you know physical touch can boost happiness? Give yourself (or someone you love) a hug for at least 20 seconds, cuddle with a pet, or get a massage. Even small amounts of physical touch can release feel-good hormones and reduce stress.

Happy Sunlight ☀️: Swap screen time for sunshine! Soak up some natural light each day to boost your mood and vitamin D levels. Take your workout outdoors, have lunch on a park bench, or simply sit by a window and enjoy the view.

Ready to join me on the happiness-building journey?

June's Unlimited On-Demand Zumba Class package is about to begin! Get access to a library of fun, sweat-inducing Zumba classes you can do anytime, anywhere, as well as mini workouts for balance, the lower body, arms and more!   It's the perfect way to fit in some movement, clear your head, and boost your mood.

Keep moving!



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