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Moving Through Times of Transition

..and New Class Announcement!

Are those tears or sweat?? This week I've got both! You know me, I'm the sentimental and emotional type, so this week I've been welling up even as I get on down!

It feels like the end of an era as some of my longest running classes come to an end at WAO Taiwan. Monday's Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness class was born at WAO and holds such a dear spot in my heart as I created the course to embody my own journey of discovering confidence. Tuesday's Zumba Fitness class grew into a full on party each week bursting with enthusiasm and energy. (Don't worry though-- we're keeping a Tuesday night Zumba party at 7pm starting 9/5 here!)

Times of transition are stressful as we deal with newness, discomfort, and uncertainty. They are also chances to reflect, to feel grateful , and to seek out new fresh opportunities.

This week I want to share some of my process for navigating times of transition:

  • Celebrate what was and feel all the feelings. This week I looked back through so many photos and videos of my time as WAO. I smiled at wonderful memories, cringed at my fashion sense over the years , mourned the loss of such a beautiful space to dance in, and marveled at the number of faces I’ve had the privilege of dancing with there.

  • Re-identify core values. Behind familiar routines and the daily actions on autopilot are decisions and information about what is of personal importance. A physical space became important to me because it allowed me to connect with so many students and assist them in being physically active. The lights and sound system helped us really get loose, party, and feel free. Knowing which values I want to keep putting into practice helps me to ...

  • Keep creative and flexible. There is not just one way to live a life according to what is important to you. There are endless ways to express our values and even small actions can bring big fulfillment. My values of connection, joyful movement and freedom aren't exclusively attached to a specific time, duration or space. I can explore new solutions and opportunities with more openness and less pressure.

.. And new solutions there are! I've found a location for us to keep moving on Tuesday nights! Conveniently located right by Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT, we will try Sunny Side Studio out on Tuesday evenings for Zumba 7-8pm during the month of September. I would LOVE to have you there to fill up the space with your energy and enthusiasm!🎉🎉

Also reminder that if you can't make it to in-person classes, you can dance with us online everyday of September with my On-Demand classes! (Single class is available as well.)

Let's keep dancing and moving through whatever changes await us!



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