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More Than Means to an End

Put More Meaning in Your Means!

“I just need to get to the end of this week/this project/ this workout and then I will feel ___” Sound familiar? You can’t see me as I type this, but promise I’m raising my hand over here at the end of this sentence!

I don’t even want to think about how much time, energy and life I’ve wished away just wanting to get to the end of something. Wanting the finished product, the end results , the feeling of wanting something just done, finished or completed.

This week’s topic of “More than means to an end—putting more meaning in your means” is one I need to remind myself of, let’s say, every day. And even then, it’s not like I’m able to do it without fail, but hey, in keeping with the theme— let’s not rush to the end of this process 😉

In recent newsletters we’ve been talking about having our SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relatable, time-bound) goals clear in our mind so that we can really get to where we want to go. But just as important in staying on track is adding as much meaning, enjoyment and value into the means that get us into our goals.

In terms of our fitness goals, this is where loving your exercise really comes into play! We know we attend class for many personal reasons, but each hour is an opportunity to just simply have fun and to enjoy being with our community of likeminded students who help keep us moving body, mind and heart! Smiling, jumping, sweating and happily losing ourselves in the music brings an appreciation and sense of presence to the process, rather than staring disgruntled at ourselves in the mirror or imagining how we’ll look in a swimsuit.

So why not think about how you can celebrate and appreciate yourself, your body, and your life just as it is now today? Infuse some joy into your means! Admire flowers on your walk to the store, add some bright fruit to the water you sip while you work, put on a happy song as you clean up after dinner. When we enjoy our means and the process, we may just find that our goal is a whole lot closer than we think!

Keep moving!



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