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In Our House We Do...

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Who we are as a community

The start of the new year always brings new faces as the result of new resolutions, in addition to former students who return after having taken extended breaks. As we continue to grow, I thought it was a great time to revisit who we are as a community.

Yesterday I spotted a decorative wallhanging at a client’s house with a popular quote about family:

In This House
We Are Real
We Make Mistakes
We Say I'm Sorry
We Give Second Chances
We Have Fun
We Give Hugs
We Forgive
We Do Really Loud
We Are Patient
We Love

I couldn’t help but think that so much of the quote holds true for what we do and who we are in our “house”, our classrooms, and within this family of friends.

Our community is accepting and joyful. We embrace our own imperfections and dance in the face of them. We are emotional, supportive, and expressive. And certainly we know how to get REALLY loud at times! We have different ages, backgrounds, abilities, talents, and stories. And yet, through dance and movement we all have found a place to connect to the music , each other, and ourselves.

What else does this community represent for you? How has dance helped build more connection in your life?

I’d love to hear more from you this year as I feature students in the Student Spotlight!

Keep moving!



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