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Hop into the New Lunar Year with Intention

How do you want to feel

in February?

Another Lunar New Year holiday has come to an end! How was yours??

I spent mine resting, eating, drinking and dancing! And of course a HUGE highlight of the holiday was the Lunar Light Up 2023 program! Along with over 30 participants from around the world including Taiwan, the US, Canada , and Malaysia, we kept moving with daily health and mind tips, dance breakdowns, and our prerecorded Zumba classes.

Having a bit of a health + fun-centered routine made such a difference to my days, and from the sounds of others’ feedback it did too! Some reported having felt more energetic, a greater sense of accomplishment and happiness from dancing with family at home, or even having reached a goal of losing some weight!

Lunar Light Up 2023 was also special because of our private facebook group — a place we shared reflections, insights and inspiration each day. A special shout-out to all those who joined and participated in our daily “engage” posts with such thoughtful contributions. And congratulations to our winner for the private class with me: Rebecca 🎉🎉🎉

Now that the holiday has come to an end, we’re ready to get this year of 2023 truly under way! As I say every year, this always feels like a more ideal time than January 1 for me to get motivated and move towards my goals with new energy and intention.

What is an intention and why should we set one for a new year?

Think of an intention as a desired mindset or feeling that connects to your values. Whereas we work towards future goals through actions, we can connect to our intention in the present by slowing down and reflecting on HOW we want to FEEL and who we can show up as RIGHT NOW. Let’s look at an example! Goal - I want to workout three times a week. Intention- I want to feel at peace with my body and celebrate its potential to move.

Setting an intention can help us create momentum to reach our goals by connecting us to our WHY behind the goals we want to reach. It helps to quiet negative self-talk and expands our ideas of what is possible.

In a year ahead that is sure to be busy and full, setting an intention and reminding ourselves of it daily can build a foundation for what we want to ensure we feel and experience.

The Year of the Rabbit symbolizes longevity, agility, peace and positivity. What kind of intention do you want to hop into this year with?

Whatever it is, I’m here to keep you moving with joy in the Year of the Rabbit!

Keep moving,



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