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Healthy Earth, Healthy You!

And.. see you tomorrow?!?

Health is at the top of everyone’s minds these days— masking up, washing our hands, maybe even trying to increase our workouts as summer approaches! When we think about health we often think of ourselves and our loved ones— but what if we expanded our idea of health to the entire world?

With Earth Day being celebrated this week, it’s the perfect time to think about the importance of a healthy planet!

What are some ways we can focus on both our health and the health of the planet at the same time?

  • Ride your bike, walk, or take public transportation to class

  • Cut an old t-shirt into a workout top. For inspiration look here

  • Use your refillable water bottle in class

  • Buy and savor unprocessed and less highly packaged fruits & veggies

  • Get outside and “plog” — pick up trash as you take a walk or jog!

Have more ideas? Share them with us!

Lastly, please note that with the rise of COVID cases we are trying our best to maintain both in-person, livestream and pre-recorded class schedules. Adjustments will be made as necessary.

** TOMORROW 4/21 at 12:30 we will be changing our TDC class to a livestream! Sign up here to dance along with us from home!

No matter what, we want to keep us all happy, healthy, and moving together!



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