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Having Trouble Getting Out of a Winter Slump?

I’ve got a NEW offer to help you shimmy it away!

Ah February, you short dreary month punctuated with not one but TWO makeup Saturday work days in Taiwan, and another holiday weekend on the horizon. It all sure makes getting back to a regular schedule after three years of COVID restrictions, Christmas, New Years and Lunar New Year feel like an uphill battle!

Have you been struggling to fall back into a routine that makes you feel great and that you can actually stick to for more than one week?! You aren’t alone!!

Seeing more people in class and hearing their health and wellness challenges I see patterns emerging.

Does this sound like you?

  • You wish you were moving more!

  • You have some insecurities about your current level of fitness or dance skills.

  • You want to make it easier for you to stick to your goals instead of finding excuses.

  • You’d love for someone to be there to keep you motivated.

Reasons like these and more are why for the very FIRST time, I’m offering you a NEW way to hit your happy movement goals!

Join me in March for a monthlong dance and feel great Unlimited On-Demand Class Package!

During this month you will receive 31 days of prerecorded Zumba classes you can do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

You’ll receive:

  • 2 55 min. On Demand Zumba classes per week ( Class 1 Sunday- Wednesday, Class 2 Thursday-Saturday) available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

  • 1 Livestream Zumba Class on Zoom( March 12 @2pm ) followed by a virtual chat + check-in

  • 2 Dance Breakdowns to learn and improve your dance skills

  • Weekly motivation and accountability in our Private Facebook Group to keep you on track !

With a total value of over 5,000nt, I’m offering March’s UNLIMITED On-Demand Package for the introductory price of just 1500nt/ 50 USD. 😮😮🥰

If you’ve been looking for the right moment to bring movement back into your life after a long winter- this is your sign!✨ Let’s move together in March !



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