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Full Moon, Full Satisfaction!

Tips for feeling more satisfied this weekend!

Moon Festival--one of my favorite holidays- is just about here!

When you look up at the full moon in all its glory, what do you see? The radiant bright light shining down on outdoor gatherings between family and friends? A big white circle that looks like a big empty plate wanting to be filled with pomelos, moon cakes, and barbeque?

Like so many holidays, Moon Festival activities largely center around feasting-- and understandably so as it is a celebration of harvest time. Yet these days when so few of us are working the land for food, the idea of holiday treats and meals can bring a sense of guilt, or even just mild negativity as we lament how much harder our next work out needs to be to make up for what we've eaten.

Recently, I shared that for the past six weeks or so, I've been on a meal prep kick-- planning and preparing a variety of nutritious and yummy food that I can grab from the fridge at a moment's notice. It has made a huge difference to how I feel during the weeks--less hungry, less tired, and less stressed!

What I'm realizing is that my level of satisfaction from my meals is much greater lately. Whereas I can easily polish off fast food meals, fill my stomach physically and still be left wanting more, I feel more SATISFIED at the end of my meals when I've put some thought and care into them. As someone who usually only has known she is "full" or "done" eating when the plate is clean, this feels like a shift in perspectives!

This weekend why not see if you can focus on how you might be more satisfied -happy both mentally and physically with your Moon Festival foods, rather than simply full to help squash any negative feelings around your holiday feasts!

Boost Your Satisfaction

  1. Get involved! Help with some aspect of food preparation whether it's preparing a side dish, marinating some chicken breasts for the grill, or even setting the table nicely before you eat.

  2. Get creative! Look up recipes from some of your favorite foods as well as seasonal ingredients you see in the market to feel inspired about what you eat. For example, I found a recipe for pomelo and cucumber salad which I had never thought of before!

  3. Mix things up! Aim to make your meal a feast for the eyes and mouth! Use a variety of colored veggies and fruits. Choose various interesting textures such as crunchy cucumbers, juicy pomelos, and crisp corn.

  4. Spice it up! Simple additions like squeezing lemon juice, fresh herbs and even spice from chilies can help excite your tastebuds and bring your food to life!

  5. Share with those you care about! The good things in life always feel better when shared with those you love! Focus on gratitude for the people in your life and the food on your plate!

Whatever you fill your plate with this weekend, I hope you enjoy and savor every bite just and savor every moment of relaxation and time with your loved ones! If you want to dance during the weekend, don't forget our October Unlimited Package starts soon -- with an ALL NEW format when you can CHOOSE from 9 1-hour classes all month long!

Happy Moon Festival and Keep Moving!



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