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Fit + Flaunt Turns 3!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Celebrating and Shaking Together

for 3 years!

Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness turned 3 this past week! Three years together celebrating body confidence, expressing our strong & soft sides, and having cute, sexy fun along the way! One small group has grown into a full classroom and a program I’ve been able to bring to dance fitness parties, charity events, TV, and even to a dance conference in Japan last year.

Thank you to all who have opened your minds and bodies to this program that I truly created out of love!

Years ago while dancing in a burlesque troupe I learned that confidence doesn’t come from

being perfect ( we’ll never get there anyway), it’s from daring to allow yourself to be seen, flaws and all. It comes from loving yourself through your fears and insecurities and persisting in spite of them.

Keeping Fit & Flaunt Burlesque class going for three years and having it flourish has been just this kind of representation of highs and lows, days of feeling bold versus times of feeling bruised. It’s helped me to stand taller and put even more swagger in my step. I hope for those of you who have tried the class, you’ve felt a change inside and out as well!

Want to give Fit + Flaunt a try? Check out the open class on Mondays 18:40-19:40 at WAO. See you on the dance floor!

Keep moving!



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